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I am a self-taught, always learning, traditional artist located in Niles, Ohio, where I live and work in a home built by my great-grandfather in 1915. He enjoyed making things with his hands and some of his creations still exist in my home today. His youngest son, my grandfather, was also a creative man who was born and raised in this house and he taught me to draw horses when I was a little girl. Naming my collection "Century House Art" seemed an apt homage to two great men and my family history in this city.



Built in 1915, this house has been a home to four generations. I remember watching Bob Ross on TV in the living room here and dreaming of being a great artist someday.

vintage photo


Working from the peace and comfort of my own home grants me the freedom to be creative whenever the mood strikes.
 I am immersed in my art most of the time, so inspiration is easy to tap into.



Graphite, charcoal, pastel, colored pencil & acrylic paint make up the majority of my work, with a focus on realism and occasional misadventures into surrealism and the darker side of life. I am inspired by the peaceful scenes of my backyard koi ponds and the faces I see out in the world. I love to capture the beauty of ordinary people just being themselves and the authentic emotional experience of everyday life.  

art desk


Over 100 years of handmade craftsmanship under one roof.

great grandfather drawing