8x10 graphite portrait (custom order)

The 8x10" is best for, but not limited to: higher quality images and those with moderate details (example: visible eyelashes, jewelry, patterns in the iris). I do not recommend this size for more than 2 subjects in most cases.

This can be drawn on 8x10" paper or for no additional charge, it can be drawn on 11x14" paper with a large margin for framing.

$90 (+$15 per additional subject)

11x14 graphite portrait (custom order)

This is currently the largest portrait size that I offer on a standard basis, but other options are available upon discussion. It is best for, but not limited to: Anything suited for 8x10 is more impressive on 11x14, group photos, highest quality images and those with the most visible facial details. I do not recommend this size for more than 4 subjects. 

$100 (+$20 per additional subject)

Portrait with color detail (custom order)

Adding a color detail to a graphite portrait - such as partial color background or a floral or fish addition - can make a standard portrait truly unique. Let's talk about how to create a customized piece of art that suits your needs. Adding a color detail to a toned/charcoal portrait starts at $160.


Toned/Charcoal Portrait (custom order)

Charcoal and graphite blended portraits on grey toned paper is an option which adds intensity and realism to your custom portrait. While not ideal for every photo, the right images absolutely come to life in this dramatic style.


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